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Bischwind VillaA Lake-Side Mansion in Bear Creek, PA

Dear Billi

Billi English's personality, vision, experience and dedication grace every corner of the Bischwind Villa - and always will.  Bischwind has been in the English family's care for generations.  And it shows.  Everywhere.  Inside and out. 

From all who have cherished their time at Bischwind, and from all who will be reborn and re-energized by this remarkable estate in the years to come, "Thank you Billi!"  Yours has been an unparalleled career of exceptional customer care, above-and-beyond warmth and graciousness, and a profound respect for the estate, for the community, and for the countless visitors who've been fortunate enough to stay here over the many decades of your leadership and care.  You are our hero and mentor, and we appreciate more than you will ever know, the time and the energy you have invested in making Bischwind a world-class property and a world-class experience.

All the very best,
Your very grateful friends, colleagues and guests

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