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Dear Billie

Dear Billie is the story of a man who’s faced a life of innumerable blessings and unbearable torment, intertwined with a series of deeply spiritual moments of divine clarity. While visiting the Trakehner Inn (based on the Bischwind Inn), the man underwent a sort of heavenly psychotherapy, reliving his happiest and most painful memories, before eventually finding the peace that had eluded him for decades.

Written in the form of a letter to the innkeeper, Billie, this book is a literary journey thorough the badlands of personal growth, ending in a garden of redemption and hope. The world-renowned Bischwind Inn not only served as the backdrop for the story, it also served as its inspiration, along with real-life innkeeper, Billi English.

I wrote Dear Billie after a weekend stay at the Bischwind Inn with my wife. Though I changed some names and details to respect the privacy of others, each of the characters are based on real people and the events on actual experiences. God is very much present at the Bischwind, of this, I am absolutely sure.

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