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Bischwind VillaA Lake-Side Mansion in Bear Creek, PA
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ATV Tours and Rentals / Roam with a View

The Lost Trails ATV Adventures offers a variety of tails for mountain exploration.  Lost Trails blends the right mix of exhilaration with scenic recreation.  Situated just outside of Scranton, riders can cut loose on over 2,000 acres of some of the best terrain in the Pocono Mountains. 
A variety of changing mapped, marked, and color coded trails across the mountainside take you on an amazing ride.  From Wet an Muddy and Boulder Crawls, to Scenic Trail ignite all to pause in awe of amazingly breath0taking vistas.
No machine?  No worries - Guided Rentals tackle terrain in single-rider ATV;s or you can share the ride in a multi-passinger side-by-side.      570-730-8131

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