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Bischwind VillaA Lake-Side Mansion in Bear Creek, PA

Bischwind House Policies

(aka: NOT a Party House)

We aim to make your stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as it can be.  To do this, it’s important that our guests fully understand the Bischwind Villa House Rules.  Please review these carefully, and confirm in writing your group's understanding and acceptance of these terms as a condition of your reservation.  If these terms are unacceptable, please do not book.  Owner and/or security attendant will be on site during your stay.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Violation of any of these four policies will result in termination of the reservation (and your group immediately vacating the property) without refund.  Violation by one person is considered to be a violation by all:

1.  NOISE:  Bischwind isn't a party house.  This is an historic residence in a residential community with strict noise restraints.  Specifically, the following criteria must be adhered to:

      No boom boxes, fireworks, amplifiers, loud music, or noise makers outside, ever.
      QUIET HOURS:  9:00 PM until 8:00 AM.  (Casual conversation, OK.  But no noise that neighbors can hear.)

There is no flexibility on the Bischwind noise policy, and yes, we enforce it rigorously. 

2.  ATTENDEE ROSTER:  A roster (name and address) of authorized attendees (not to exceed 16 when renting the entire Villa, without specific written permission) must be submitted at least one week in advance.  Use of the residence by anyone not listed on the authorized roster will be grounds for termination of the reservation without refund.

3.  GROUP CONTACT:  The individual who reserves the Bischwind must be one of the listed Attendees, and must be on-site for the duration of the booking. 

4.  ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES: Any illegal activity, including drug use, is not permitted at Bischwind.

As a service to our guests, and for your safety and security, our part-time on-site security/concierge service is present most evenings, and can offer immediate assistance if needed.  In respect of your privacy, and in keeping with COVID-19 protocols, the attendant and/or owner will remain masked at all times, and socially distant (10 feet minimum).


Also be sure to abide by these important rules:

SWIMMING: Guests are welcome to use our swimming pool at their own discretion. There is no lifeguard on duty. Glass containers aren’t permitted in the pool area, and diving into the pool isn’t allowed. Minors should at all times be supervised by an adult inside the gated pool area.

FIRES & FLAMES: For your safety and the safety of others, open flames (candles, fireplaces, fireworks, etc.) aren’t allowed on Bischwind property. Electric fireplaces may of course be used at any time.

SMOKING & VAPING: These aren’t permitted inside the Villa.

KITCHEN ETIQUETTE: We ask that you wash and clean the cooking and dining areas after each use, and that upon departure, any dirty dishes are placed in one or more of the three dishwashers.

PARKING: Please use the large parking lot, and avoid parking in the gravel loop. The loop must be kept open in case emergency vehicles need to access that area.

SPECIAL EVENTS: If your group wishes to invite other guests for a planned event (wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.) you must get permission for this in advance. Extra cleaning fees and charges will apply.

OUTSIDE BBQ GRILL: You are welcome to use the grill for your group’s personal use, but not for a larger organized function. Please clean the grill and grill area after each use, to avoid extra cleaning charges.

FURNITURE: We ask that furniture not be significantly re-arranged.  If moved, please return it to its original station.

AND FINALLY … because this is not a hotel - and also because this is our family’s home - we appreciate your being respectful not just of the property, but of the unique history and heritage embodied here at the Villa.

Thank you for being respectful, and for acknowledging and adhering to the Bischwind House Rules.

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Policies at Bischwind Inn in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania


Advance deposits and payments are made by check, payable to Bischwind Villa.  Payments on site may be made by credit card.

If at any point there's a refund due, it'll be paid in the same form that the original payment was made to Bischwind Villa.

Policies at Bischwind Inn in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania

Changes and Cancellations

If you need to change or cancel your booking, we understand.  We just ask that you let us know as far in advance as you can.  (See "Policies" above.) Please submit any change or cancellation request in writing, by emailing  You will receive an email confirming the change.   If you've booked through a third party site like,, etc., you'll need to contact them directly.  

Policies at Bischwind Inn in Bear Creek, Pennslyvania

Check In and Check Out

Arrival is any time after 3:00 PM on your first day.  Departure is anytime before 11:00 AM on your final day.  If you need an earlier check-in or a later departure time, let us know, and if we can, we'll stretch the clock to help you out. 

Policies at Bischwind Inn in Bear Creek, Pennslyvania

Good Country Eatin'

You're in Pocono Country and that means great food in every direction.  And not just for breakfast!  Bischwind is a short drive from country cafes, as well as high-end cuisine.  Visit our "Restaurants" page for more details.

Policies at Bischwind Inn in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania


Kids are welcome with responsible parents.  Or is it the other way around?  Parents are welcome with responsible kids.  Either way, we love responsible kids!  And parents!

Policies at Bischwind Inn in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania


Here's the thing about pets.  We love them.  But they can be  really tough on our buildings and grounds.  (Not your pets.  Other people's pets.)  So if you have a pet, we appreciate your not including them in this particular vacation.

We are committed to ADA compliance. Read our accessibility statement